Visqueen Urban Drainage Geomembrane (UDG)

A UK manufactured UDG membrane manufactured from high performance polymers, suitable for underground stormwater storage systems and also for permeable paving systems.

  • Impervious membrane for underground stormwater storage systems
  • Also suitable for permeable paving systems
  • High resistance to puncture
  • Restricts water entering the sub-grade
  • Preserves sub-grade structural integrity
  • Installed with tape bonded or welded joints
  • Manufactured in the UK


CPD CertifiedNBS Certified

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Specification Conditions Visqueen Recommends Installation Options (full description below)
Permeable paving and landscaping projects UDG A and B
Domestic application OR a maximum of 2 storage units high All products suitable A, B, C and D
Commercial application OR more than 2 storage units high HP UDG B, C and D
High water table sites HP UDG C and D
Gas contaminated land HP UDG * C and D

* low levels